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Who am I?

About Me

Abel Mesfin from Denver, Colorado

I had the privilege of attending the University of Colorado-Denver, where I pursued a degree in marketing.

As someone with three years of professional experience in developing strong relationships with partners, creating and deploying lead-generating blog content, and performing brand outreach for various large media outlets, I have a deep understanding and appreciation of the importance of content marketing in today's business landscape.

I am no stranger to creating unique and engaging content, as well as being trusted with completing any other marketing-related tasks that may come my way. I hold comprehensive knowledge of SEO techniques, keyword research strategies, link-building tactics, and social media optimization practices. I utilize these skills to optimize content for maximum reach, engagement, and conversion. 

In my free time, I love to explore the world of digital software and technology. I'm always looking for ways to use my skills to create something new and different. Whether it's creating a website or designing a logo, I'm always eager to learn. You might also catch me cheering on the Mercedes Formula 1 team, exploring new music, or go-karting on a track. Either way, I stay being fun.